Optimum protection against harmful dirt particles.

Its compact form, easy installation and ease of use make this filter an essential part of any energy-efficient plumbing system

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How does it work?

Rust-proof filter cartridge

The rust-proof filter cartridge forms a kind of physical barrier to prevent the accumulation of microscopic dirt particles - such as grains of sand, rust particles, and flakes.


The powerful rotating flow (RotaFLUX) prevents these dirt particles from attaching to the filter, which prevents clogging. The dirt particles are easy to remove using the purge plug or a tap.  

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Discover the key benefits of OPTIFILTREX 


Optifiltrex provides protection from suspended dirt particles, such as grains of sand, rust particles and flakes. 


The rotating flow, RotaFLUX, prevents dirt particles from attaching to the rust-free filter, allowing them to sink to the bottom of the housing. Here, they are easily removed using the purge plug. 


Thanks to the built-in bypass, you can replace the compact filter cartridges in 3 simple steps, without interrupting the water flow and getting your feet wet. 

Compact shape

Both the casing and the cartridges are compact and lightweight. This makes our products ideal for hard-to-reach places or small (technical access) spaces.  

Easy installation

Installation is a breeze thanks to its compact shape, low weight, 360° rotating connection, and built-in bypass. 

Healthy and safe

Optifiltrex is healthy and safe because it uses surface filtration, which is much healthier than the depth filtration of the conventional filter candles, which harbour bacteria.