Salt-free and efficient protection against limescale and corrosion.

Its compact form, easy installation and ease of use make it an essential part of any energy-efficient plumbing system.

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How does it work?

Precise dosing.

The unique dosing system in the Opticalc cartridge allows a controlled and precise phosphate dose of 3 mg/l (on average) to be added to the water. The added phosphate minerals will naturally bind with the calcium and magnesium minerals present to stop them from developing into calcium crystals when heated. This prevents harmful calcium deposits.

Extra protection against corrosion

These phosphate minerals also offer ideal protection against corrosion. The minerals form a thin protective film along the inside of water pipes and boilers, and on heating elements. This protective layer prevents corrosion from occurring and therefore possible lead contamination.

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Choose optimum protection against limescale and corrosion

Discover the key benefits of OPTICALC

Protects and restores

Opticalc offers protection against both limescale and corrosion. Not only that, it causes the existing limescale to gradually dissolve.

User-friendly, maintenance-free 

A unique audible warning automatically tells you when the cartridge is almost empty.Thanks to the built-in bypass, you can replace the compact cartridges in 3 simple steps, without interrupting the water flow and getting your feet wet. 

Environmentally friendly

Opticalc uses water power, so no batteries or electricity connection are needed. 
In addition, regeneration is not necessary, so precious drinking water is not wasted.

Compact shape

Both the casing and the cartridges are compact and lightweight. This makes our products ideal for hard-to-reach places or small (technical access) spaces. 

Easy installation

Installation is a breeze thanks to its compact shape, low weight, 360° rotating connection, and built-in bypass.  

Healthy and safe 

Opticalc uses food-grade phosphate minerals, which means they are 100% safe, as well as being completely odourless and tasteless. Unlike conventional water softeners, Opticalc does not remove important minerals such as calcium and magnesium from the water.